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To assure your testing and measuring equipment function accurately and reliably, our fully equipped calibration laboratory, and working in conjunction with the State Bureau of Technical Supervision Calibration Station, STC can offer you a comprehensive calibration service. Our calibration results are accurate, traceable to recognized national standards and meet the requirements of ISO 9000 certification.

Scope of Services

1. Electrical

Volt ratio box
Voltmeter/ Ammeter
Digital multimeter
High voltage meter
High voltage withstanding tester


Standard capacitor/ inductor
Frequency counter
Modulation meter
RF milivoltmeter

2. Mechanical Metrology

Vernier/ digital caliper
Dial gauge
Steel rule
Block gauge
Angle gauge
Pin gauge
Bevel protractor

3. Thermometry

Liquid-in-glass/ digital thermometer
Temperature recorder

4. Mass

Standard mass
Electronic balance
Pull gauge
Torque meter/ driver

5. Others

Pressure gauge
Stop watch/ timer
Pipette/ Burette
Sound level meter/ calibrator
Sharp point tester
Sharp edge tester


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