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Footwear and Leather

With excellent experience in footwear testing, STC is the only approved footwear testing laboratory of Marks & Spencer in Hong Kong.

Staff in the state-of-the-art laboratory, evaluate more than thousands of materials including whole shoes, leathers, rubbers, adhesives, and various types of fabrics.

We provide footwear test items shown as below:

General shoes
Whole Shoes

· Heel attachment
· Heel fatigue
· Sole adhesion
· Top piece Attachment

Upper Materials
· Colour fastness to circular rubbing
· Colour fastness to water & perspiration
· Water penetration
· Wick test

Soling Materials
· Abrasion
· Belt flex
· Hardness

· Azo dye
· Formaldehyde
· Heavy metal
· Hexavalent Chromium Cr (VI)

· Attachment strength
· Atmospheric sulphide tarnishing and salt water corrosion
· Shoe lace strength

Safety Shoes
We can conduct tests in compliance with BS Standard BS EN ISO 20344:2004 requirement.

Whole footwear
· Upper and outsole bond strength
· Impact resistance (toe protection)
· Compression resistance (toe protection)
· Corrosion resistance of metal toecaps (toe protection)
· Penetration resistance

Upper Materials
· Thickness
· Height of the upper
· Tear strength
· Tensile properties
· pH value

· Tear strength
· Abrasion resistance
· pH value

· Thickness

· Abrasion resistance
· Cleated area
· Interlayer bond strength
· Resistance to hot contact
· Resistance to fuel oil
· Tear strength (provide 2mm thick flat sheet)
· Thickness of non-cleated outsoles

Leather Testing
Our laboratory also provides a wide range of leather testing as shown below.
· Fat and free fatty acid contest
· Total mass per unit area
· Thickness
· Tearing strength
· Abrasion resistance
· Bursting strength
· Vamp flexing

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